Create a Beautiful Wreath for Under $30

Create a Beautiful Wreath for Under $30

Plus some great info for purchasing at Hobby Lobby

The grapevine wreaths are always $4.99 (the best size for an average front door) and I like to use the floral piks over the whole floral bushes for cost effectiveness. They are next to the fake fruit which is near the bridal section and NOT with the general silk flowers.

Then I throw in some silk greens

If you get ribbon 1/2 off (and just about every other week this happens so wait a week if you can ) this wreath cost about

$5- wreath form (reusable)
$8- 2 ribbon
$8- floral piks ($1.99-2.99 ea)

$8- misc greens on sale
$28.99 Total Price

Helpful Hobby Lobby Info

  • There are website dedicated to the rotation formula for all Hobby Lobby sale items and how to calculate when things will be 1/2 next.
  • Flowers, I believe, are every 2-3 weeks.
  • There is always a 40% weekly coupon for one item not already on sale.
  • Wreaths never go on sale and can never have a coupon used in them.

Disappointing news with Hobby Lobby- They have recently (in the last year) started a new “Your Price” rule meaning if an item says “Your Price” you are no longer allowed to use a coupon.

Stay Artsy –

Images, Video and instructions are provided by Erin Burchwell

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