But What Are Personalized Art Signs?

But What Are Personalized Art Signs?

At Artsy Olive, we help people create personalized art signs! In short, they’re framed prints customized by you using one of the hundreds of templates on our website and retail kiosks. It takes minutes to personalize an art sign, and each one is unique because your name’s on it!

But what is a personalized art sign? There are plenty of home and office decor goodies out there, and Pinterest is full of #giftideas at a similar price point. Why bother with Artsy Olive?

The answer’s in the product name itself–personalized art sign. Let’s break it down.

Personalized: The real value is that you yourself help design your art sign. We like to say that we make the art–you make it yours. For a lower cost than many other personalized gifts, you can add a name and custom message to an art sign for most all occasions, including holidaysbirthdays, bereavements, and anniversaries. Gift giving can be hard sometimes, but you can’t go wrong with something made with heart.

Art: We take pride in crafting our products with care. One of the artists behind the art signs is Creative Director Kara Pelley. She loves merging modern design with a fresh twist, which leads to standout art signs like 2018’s Christmas Wreath collection. As with all her art, she hopes that her signs bring joy to people. True, many personalized gift options out there hardly qualify as art, but our team strives for no less with every art sign, designing each for the best possible taste and quality.

Sign: Art signs convey ideas with emotion and clarity. Like a STOP sign, each grabs your attention and says something important! “I love you, Gammy!” “We are praying for you, Steve.” “Merry Christmas from the Stuarts!” Each art sign has significant meaning for the person it is made for.

Next time you give a gift, try a personalized art sign! Have you browsed our collection lately? Check it out at www.artsyolive.com!

Until next time, stay artsy!

Photo Credit: Messy Tired Love. Visit their website for a review of our art signs.

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