3 Ways Our Fans Stay Artsy

3 Ways Our Fans Stay Artsy

When I started working for Artsy Olive as the social media guy back in August, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s a fledgling project with big ideas and big heart. But that’s not enough–we need fans who believe in the dream–and you certainly deliver! You’ve encouraged us in our journey, and we hope we can encourage you in yours.

One of the things you’ll hear us say often is the encouragement to “stay artsy!” There’s a lot of thought behind that particular phrase. For one, the alternative–“stay olive”–doesn’t make much sense. But more than that, the idea embodies our company vision. Each of you is creative and thoughtful, and it’s our job to empower you with an outlet to use these gifts.

We’ve gotten to know you better as you’ve created with us. You’ve given a new meaning to staying artsy in 3 ways:

I. You engage. The fancy-dancy industry term for when you do something on social media is engagement. When fans like you engage with a post, it becomes more popular, so more people see it! Thank you for every single like, comment, and share you’ve given us. But more than that, thank you for engaging with each of us as people. You make everything we do worthwhile.

2. You care. Seriously. I’m amazed how much this little community cares about each other. My favorite Olive story is from one of our contests on Facebook. We asked who our followers were thankful for, and one fan wrote about a best friend from her football game parties. To my surprise, the friend was so moved that messaged us! She shared how precious those parties with her were, writing, “Every day with her is a blessing.” I don’t think I’ll ever forget that connection.

3. You share. Your feedback helps us stay artsy! Posting comments and reviews, personal stories, and new print ideas give us fresh perspective. Sharing pictures of finished art signs in your home especially makes our day!

Have something to share today? Write a comment below, or share on one of our pages!

Until next time, stay artsy!

2 thoughts on “3 Ways Our Fans Stay Artsy”

  • I love this! The topic of creativity is so close to my heart. I believe that because we were created in the image of the greatest Creator, we were all made to create! But we don’t always feel creative, do we? I love that you have made a beautiful and simple product that allows people to be creative, even when they feel like they don’t have a creative bone in their body.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Ashley. Our Maker made us to make things! The ability to create something beautiful is a gift, and we’re stoked that we get to help folks use that gift!

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