4 Easy Steps for Your Best Thanksgiving Table Decor

4 Easy Steps for Your Best Thanksgiving Table Decor

Having a beautifully laid table may seem like a pipe dream for most, but here are some quick, easy and fun ideas for your fall family table!

Here are the supplies you will need:
1. Glass Bottles
2. Food Coloring
3. Fall Leaves
4. Wheat Grass
5. Mini Gourds
6. Re-purposed Burlap Sack

I’ve used bottles sourced from soy sauce, olive oil, maple syrup, Frappuccino , vanilla, whiskey, soy sauce, etc.

Step 1 – Fill the glass containers with water and add food coloring

(Stay away from yellow!)

Step 2 – Start putting in a single leaf or wheat

Then continue by filling in with other berries.

Step 3 – Add your gourds throughout

Add any other fall touches you feel inspired to add (acorns, dried artichokes, etc.)

Step 4 – Set your table

Add a small touch on each plate place.  Pier One has beautiful and unique name card holders.

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Stay artsy!

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